Beyond Greens: Happy Labour Day Weekend!


What are you up to for the long weekend? Got an exciting road trip or camping plans? Or will you get some well-deserved rest? If you need a weekend project, why not preserve some of summer’s harvest as pickles or jam?

I’ve been spending the past few days at my dad’s. While our hometown is only one hour outside of Montreal, it feels like a world away. It’s a refuge, a place where problems are on hold. Sometimes you just need everything to stop. No more surprises, you know?

Yesterday, we woke up at 5:30 a.m. to go watch the sunrise by the riverside. It was beautiful. I’ll be recharging my batteries here for another couple of days. Jason is flying back from Germany on Monday, so I’m looking forward to welcome him home.

I leave you with some pictures from my time here. Enjoy your weekend ♥

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Cats know how to relax. I’ve got some learning to do.